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   The future in the domain of the printing press is very promising and experts are forecasting that service providers in this domain will benefit to a great extent from big names like Konica Minolta as it will be amongst the key role plagues when it comes to color and high volume presses with the help of its latest model that is KM-1.

Busy markets like UAE may have never ending various needs that can be only coped up with the help of a broad range of smart machines, for example, the KM-1, the MGI Jet varnish 3DS, KI for large sized printing needs and BizHub Press C1085/C1100. For textile print needs, smart machines that fall under the label of Nassenger series from Konica Minolta are also being offered to help the printing press in UAE markets and enable it to cope with the never ending demands of its individual and corporate clients.
The trends are changing in the said markets as well due to the fragile market conditions caused by the credit crunch and recession plus the highly poised competitive nature that they possess. The core focus and tendency from almost all the major service providers is to ensure that they reduce costs of the production and introduce further improvements as far as the efficiency levels are concerned. Not many of them are even aware of these latest trends that are going to hit the markets in 2017 and taking the world of printing press into new domains and levels.
Reputable printers will have to revise their framework so as to be ready for the ever so changing digital market. Mergers and acquisitions are the next big players that shall not be underestimated or overlooked.
An experienced and reliable printing press in UAE will have a close eye on what is happening around them in the world of printing, they will not rest until they have ensured that their hands are on the most elite technological trends that may allow and enable them to cut down the service cost, provide robust and trendy print related services to their corporate and individual clients. This will allow them to maintain a strong grip in UAE market proceedings and will help them in achieving all the business goals within desired and allocated time frames.

November 16, 2016 Online Commercial Printers

Printing Industry Is Just Too Big in United Arab Emirates

ImageBelieve or not, but the printing industry is just too big. In this article we can come to know the facts and figures which surely will make things clearer to us. On the basis of them, we would certainly be able to realize the significance of printing industry for all other industries.

These are the stats and figures of the world largest industries. Now let’s come to the printing corporation, you know that in this whole industry total 670 Billion is spent on a yearly basis. It includes every type of printing from small to large scale. As all other businesses depend on it for the purpose of advertisement, etc. So that’s why, the printing in Dubai and all around the world has its own significance and value. We cannot deny the fact that this industry is just too big, work wise and also the total revenue spent in this business on a yearly basis.
So just look at the numbers related and associated with this business. That are just too devastating and huge, we can now imagine how large and vast this industry is and how much importance and significance, does it have.
By having a look at all the figures and facts mentioned above, we certainly can’t deny the vastness of the printing corporations. The need of the Printing in Dubai and all around the world is equally important and valuable for all, from small business niches to large ones. That need had just put a foot on the accelerator for this industry and without any doubt, it is the largest corporation of the world.

March 23, 2017 Printers Association

New Trends In Printing Technology And Services

ImagePrinting in its all forms is an important part of our daily lives. Different companies have contributed to print products spectrum with their wide portfolios for countless print technology markets.

Electrical Press Supplies offer a fast and efficient repairs and parts service for Heidelberg printers. Providing CPTronic, CPC systems and numerous test rigs for many Heidelberg machine ranges. This allows us to ensure that every circuit board that is repaired has been fully tested before being dispatched to the customer.

March 28, 2017 Printers Association



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